Welcome to the “God or Men” website. When being questioned by the unfaithful and disobedient Jewish church leaders, Acts 5:29 records that Jesus’ disciples proclaimed that they “ought to obey God rather than men”. In other words, God’s word superseded the opinions and traditions of church leaders and theologians.

As you research this website, you will discover that human opinions and traditions contradicting God’s word have also arisen in today’s Christian Church. And, we must determine to respond as faithfully as did the first-century disciples, by declaring that we will also “obey God rather than men”.

It should be our purpose to behave as nobly as the Christians in Berea, whom the Bible commends for searching the Scriptures to see if Paul’s teachings were correct (Acts 17:10-11). We also must search the Scriptures to see if the things that we’ve been taught are truly in agreement with the weight of biblical evidence. And, I encourage you to put this website “to the test”, by opening your Bible and comparing everything with Scripture. If you do so, you will be a noble Christian, according to Acts 17:10-11.

We must also remember that the vast majority of “respected” church leaders in Jesus’ day were in error. They had graduated from the respected religious schools of their day, and had received the respected religious titles of rabbi, teacher, scribe, lawyer, priest etc., but their teachings were steeped in human opinions and traditions, and were not in harmony with God’s word. Therefore, they were challenged, corrected and “schooled” by Jesus’ disciples, unlearned fishermen who had spent much personal time with Jesus and His word.

So, don’t be impressed by today’s religious schools and famous theologians with impressive, religious titles, but compare everything they teach with Scripture, as did the noble Christians in Berea. As you do so, you will find that history has repeated itself, with the traditions and opinions of men again occupying a prominent place in contemporary church doctrine. There are numerous cherished, “Christian” doctrines in today’s Church that directly and blatantly contradict the Bible. For example, Jesus’ loving, merciful and just character is being distorted and slandered via two unbiblical doctrines by contemporary theologians in complete disregard of the overwhelming weight of biblical evidence. And, God’s law has been ignored, disobeyed and changed in defiance of dozens of clear and indisputable biblical texts. Furthermore, the American Christian Church is sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, while nearly six-million children die from starvation each year throughout the world, and while hundreds of thousands of Americans are homeless. Moreover, unbiblical, seeker-sensitive lullabies are being preached as doctrines to a spiritually lazy, sleeping and selfish American Church, which has sinful behaviors rivaling those in our secular culture, according to recent church surveys.

The time has come again for common, ordinary, “unseminaried” and unbrainwashed believers who have spent much time with Jesus and His word, to challenge and correct the respected, contemporary theologians whose opinions and traditions contradict the Bible. It is time to again proclaim: “We ought to obey God rather than men”.

However, before getting into the compromises and errors within the Church, or any other doctrinal articles on this website, my first article will focus on the “Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ”, for there is nothing of greater or equal importance.

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  1. Connie Otey says:

    Thanks I think you are right , in all I have read on your website. I belong to a Independent Fundamental Baptist church in Ohio and do not agree totally with what they teach us.

    If you disagree with any of them, you are labeled a traitor or similar

    Gods word Reigns

    Thanks again, are you affiliated with any denomination?
    Just Christian, I suppose?

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