Sadism Embraced By 90% Of Pastors And Theologians

Is sadism really being embraced and taught by the vast majority of Christian leaders? Not only is it being embraced and taught, acceptance of it is required by church leaders or you will be labeled as being part of a cult.

What is this sadism endorsed by more than 90% of pastors and theologians? It is the Church’s cruel and unjust hell doctrine. According to these preachers, your sixteen year old son or daughter, who dies in a car accident without having accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord, will receive the same eternal punishment in hell as murderous tyrants like Hitler or Stalin. In fact, your child will receive the same torture in hell’s flames throughout the trillions of years of eternity as the devil himself. And, according to the Bible, the pain in hell will be so excruciating that it will produce wailing and gnashing of teeth. What sane and reasonable person could ever embrace such a distorted and sadistic teaching as this? Unfortunately, more than 90% of all pastors and theologians not only embrace and teach it, they require their parishioners to also participate in their sadism by expecting their acceptance of this appalling doctrine.

Am I exaggerating by calling this sadism? I encourage you to “do the math” regarding church leaders’ “eternal torment” doctrine. If hell was limited to one trillion years, based on a lifespan of seventy years, God would be torturing people about 30,000 years for each and every minute they had lived on earth. However, most preachers insist that the torment of human beings will not be limited to one trillion years, but will continue throughout the multiplied trillions of years of eternity. This would eventually equal billions of years of agonizing torture being meted out as “supposed” justice for each and every second that your “lost” loved one lived on earth; a torture of such magnitude and intensity that it produces wailing and gnashing of teeth. Is this not pure sadism?

Preachers are slandering the God of Christianity, because the overwhelming weight of biblical evidence contradicts their sadistic teaching. In my article titled “Hell”, on this website, I present dozens of scriptures that refute this “eternal torment” doctrine beyond the shadow of a doubt. While it is true that the hell fire itself burns forever, and that the devil and his evil angels will indeed be eternally tormented in it, there is not one single scripture in the entire Bible that specifically and unequivocally states that human beings will live eternally in agonizing torment in hells’ flames. However, there are multitudes of scriptures which clearly state that the final fate of the wicked is “death”, not eternal torment; they will die in the hell fire, not live in it forever.

In  view of the enormous amount of biblical evidence contradicting their disgusting teaching, it is both appalling and mind boggling that preachers willfully and stubbornly persist in embracing such sadism. Should those with such poor judgment and sadistic mindset be respected leaders in the Christian Church?

Unfortunately, the sadism being taught by church leaders is not limited to the Church’s hell doctrine. There is another even more sadistic teaching that has been willingly adopted and shamelessly proclaimed by a large percentage of Christian pastors and theologians. That teaching is called “Calvinism”.

Calvinism teaches that everything has been predestined by God. God has preordained who is going to heaven, and who is going to hell; moreover, the people themselves have no choice in the matter, because Calvinism also teaches that people do not have “free will” or the “power of choice”. Everyone is “preprogrammed”, so to speak. If God arbitrarily created you to be predestined for hell, you are going there whether you like or not, and you have no opportunity to avoid your wretched fate in hells’ flames. Is this not also pure sadism?

Calvinism becomes even more sadistic when you realize that there will be many more people going to hell than to heaven. Jesus clearly stated that only “few” will enter through the narrow gate leading to heaven, whereas “many” will enter through the wide gate leading to hell (Matthew 7:13-14). Therefore, according to Calvinism, the vast majority of people created by God are being created with a one-way ticket to hell. And, remember that Calvinist preachers also believe and teach the eternal tormenting of human beings in hell. Consequently, the “bottom line” of this repulsive doctrine and the tens of thousands of preachers who proclaim it, is that the God of Christianity is “allegedly” intentionally creating the vast majority of human beings for the sole purpose of torturing them throughout the trillions of years of eternity. How can this not be called sadism?

Calvinist preachers are also slandering the God of Christianity, because their distorted doctrine makes God ultimately responsible for all the evil deeds that have ever been done in the history of our world. After all, according to Calvinism, the evil people, who committed the murders, rapes and child molestations, had been predestined to do so; they had no “free will” or power of choice to allow them to choose differently. Therefore, based on Calvinism, God is the one who caused them to murder, rape and molest children. In fact, the father of Calvinism, John Calvin, specifically states that this is the case; furthermore, Calvin even says that the evil deeds done by the devil himself were also done in accordance with God’s will. You can find these quotes in my article titled “Calvinism” on this website.

The Bible clearly states that God wants all people to be saved, and that He does not want anyone to perish (1st Timothy 2:3-4; 2nd Peter 3:9). And, there are literally hundreds of scriptures which indicate that people do indeed have “free will” and the power of choice to make decisions to repent and to turn away from evil. I present dozens of Bible texts in my “Calvinism” article that contradict and refute Calvinism beyond question. However, Calvinist preachers don’t let the Bible stop them from unabashedly proclaiming their cruel and demented doctrine. They stubbornly and purposefully embrace and proclaim the pure sadism of Calvinism.

It is undeniable that, when you combine the sadistic doctrines of Calvinism and the “eternal torment” of human beings, the God of Christianity is being presented as far more unjust and cruel than the gods of all other world religions. Christian preachers are indeed embracing and teaching sadism. For an in-depth study of the doctrines of hell and Calvinism, read my two articles titled “Hell” and “Calvinism”.

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