Pastors And Theologians: Their Great Lie And Cover-up

Is it possible that more than 90% of all professed Christian pastors and theologians in America are part of a massive, intentional lie and cover-up? Could it be that they are purposefully lying to their parishioners and followers rather than confessing their errors, in an attempt to protect their image and to avoid being humbled and embarrassed? Unfortunately, the answer to both of these questions is “yes”, it is true.

It would be reasonable to assume that Christian ministers and theologians are striving to keep God’s law, and that they are encouraging others to do so as well. In fact, most would expect that any preacher, who regularly and intentionally trampled on God’s law, would soon lose all support from his followers.

For example, would you still support and follow your pastor if he was a thief who stole other people’s belongings on a regular basis? Would you still support and follow him if he was continually participating in adultery? What about if he was an idolater who bowed before pagan idols each week in church, or if he was a blasphemer who used the Lord’s name in vain during your church’s worship services on a weekly basis?

Now, let’s even take it a step farther. Would you still support him if he, not only did these things himself, but also told his parishioners that it was alright for them to steal, commit adultery, worship idols and to use the Lord’s name in vain each week as well? It is probably safe to say that the overwhelming majority of Christians would not consider such behavior to be acceptable, and would withdraw all support from any pastor or theologian who had the audacity to do such things.

You may have noticed that all of the examples I used, regarding adultery, thievery, worshiping idols and using the Lord’s name in vain, are part of God’s Ten Commandments. Nevertheless, you may be thinking that 90% of pastors and theologians are not participating in, or encouraging, such outrageous behavior regarding God’s law. However, my examples only covered four of the Ten Commandments, and, out of the remaining six commandments, there is indeed one commandment where such impudent and outrageous behavior is being conducted on a weekly basis by more than 90% of all Christian pastors and theologians in America.

The fourth of God’s Ten Commandments is found in Exodus 20:8-11. God clearly and unequivocally commands His people to remember, to keep holy and to do no work on the seventh day of the week (Saturday), because He states that it is the Sabbath of the Lord your God, and also because it was blessed and hallowed (made holy) by God Himself as a “memorial” of His creation of this world, and of His resting from His creative labors on the seventh day.

Every preacher in America knows the Ten Commandments. They all know that they are commanded to honor and keep the seventh day (Saturday), but more than 90% of them stubbornly refuse to obey God’s Sabbath commandment. Instead, they have willfully chosen to disregard God’s authoritative command concerning the seventh-day Sabbath, and have intentionally replaced God’s holy day with the first day of the week (Sunday) in blatant defiance of God’s word. They have manufactured and concocted a list of 18 different excuses for their disobedience and infidelity to God, all of which I have conclusively proven to be totally unbiblical, beyond the shadow of a doubt, in my article titled “Sabbath” on this website.

If we would not tolerate or support a pastor who weekly violated God’s commandments regarding adultery, thievery, worshiping idols or using the Lord’s name in vain, and who told his congregation that it was alright for them to do so as well, why should we tolerate or support a pastor who weekly tramples on God’s Sabbath commandment, and who also tells his parishioners that it’s okay for them to ignore and disobey God’s Sabbath? The seventh-day Sabbath is one of God’s Ten Commandments just as much as are the commandments that forbid adultery, thievery, worshiping idols and using the Lord’s name in vain. If you would not tolerate your pastor violating those commandments, you also should not tolerate him trampling upon God’s Sabbath commandment. The New Testament states that, if we violate one of God’s Ten Commandments, we are guilty of violating them all; moreover, it states that we will be judged by God’s Ten Commandment law (James 2:10-12).

Jesus Christ Himself kept the seventh-day Sabbath as His custom, and He declared Himself to be Lord of it (Luke 4:16: Mark 2:28). Jesus also clearly stated that heaven and earth will pass away before even the “least little bit” of God’s law passes away (Matthew 5:17-18). Therefore, based on Jesus’ statement, not a single part of God’s Ten Commandment law has been abolished or changed, which means that the seventh-day Sabbath commandment is still “in force”, according to Jesus; furthermore, this means that more than 90% of professed Christian ministers and theologians in America are blatantly contradicting Jesus. And, in my Sabbath article, I list numerous scriptures in the book of Psalms which also clearly state that God’s Ten Commandment law is “eternal” or lasts “forever”. In other words, contemporary pastors and theologians are intentionally telling “bold face” lies regarding God’s Sabbath commandment, and have concocted a massive cover-up by manufacturing their list of 18 unbiblical “excuses” in order to deceive their followers into believing that it is alright to ignore and disobey God’s “eternal”, seventh-day, Sabbath commandment.

The Bible warns us that people become “lost sheep” because their “shepherds” lead them astray, and it says that leaders who “teach lies” cause people to err and be destroyed (Jeremiah 50:6; Isaiah 9:14-16). Scripture also tells us how we should view and respond to people who stray from and trample on God’s law and commandments. The Bible states that such people are “proud, cursed and wicked” (Psalm 119:21; 119:53). And, it says that, rather than still supporting them and making excuses for them, we should be moved to indignation and tears (Psalm 119:53; 119:136).

In accordance with the previous Psalms passages, the willful lies and intentional cover-up being told and practiced by more than 90% of America’s pastors and theologians, should arouse righteous indignation in the hearts of all sincere Christians toward these disobedient and unfaithful leaders. If we truly love Jesus, His word and His commandments, we should join the Psalmist in declaring: “Depart from me, you “evildoers”, for I will keep the commandments of my God” (Psalm 119:115).

For a complete presentation of the 18 excuses given for disregarding and disobeying God’s Sabbath commandment, and for a list of the dozens of scriptures that clearly and totally refute these excuses beyond question, read my article titled “Sabbath”.

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3 Responses to Pastors And Theologians: Their Great Lie And Cover-up

  1. How do preachers discount God’s ability to teach us Himself one on one. God did not ask any preacher or pastor to help Him make trees or the sun, moon stars, earth He
    asked noone how to make the grass green or how to make Adam and Eve nor form the world and the earth…God did all of that but suddenly..He can’t talk to man or teach men? Preposterous!! He says in Matthew “I will teach you ALL things and bring all things to remebrance. The prince of this world has set up those “flesh Kings” to keep
    people from seeking God. My very own father was a pastor and he told me that all
    pastors lie and all of them take some of the money. I thought it was very wonderful of him to be that honest and ALL means he was including himself as well. These people
    in the pulpits are confusing people getting all their money lying about once saved always saved and that is not even a scripture in the bibe. Some humanoid made it up.
    and more than once the scripture is found “and they shall all be taught of God John 6:
    45 Isaiah 54:13. NO!!!! kind of Holiness nor Righteousness is taught. The flesh kings
    let people do whatever they want as long as they bring their “tithe and offering which
    he spends and pays his bills and buys big cars and spends some of it to take the women he likes to the hotel or to a convention. Jesus has solemnly warned us..only a few!! will get to heaven. Matthew 7:14. I am amazed everyday at how those church
    goers want to serve a Crucified Savior yet they don’t want one little band-aid scratch on them and they all show their real hatred for God because they follow what “paul”
    says. Why say you love Jesus and follow paul. Paul admits in Romans 3:7 that he does not always tell the truth. Why follow a liar? It really shows their hatred of Christ. They
    think Jesus’ blood is a red charge card that they can sin all they want and “charge” it
    to Him.
    The prince of this world(the devil) has done his greatest work in deception right in
    organized religion. I hope and pray they will come out before it is everlastingly too late.

  2. John Burton says:

    Thank you for your website and work. Have involved with the truth in Messiah 18 years. Mission work in Mexico 16 years. I live in a location in North Alabama. Most people here are argument prone about Scriptures. They use Pauls teachings as Peter said they would. I feel like a fish out of the stream sometime. Its hard trying to befriend many of these kristo-pagans. Satan has gotten behind many pulpits in these last days. Thank you for your efforts and pray for me. I am working on a website. Please let me hear from you. In Messiahs love. John

  3. Janet l. Fowler says:

    This truth the Lord Jesus revealed to me several years ago! And when I share this truth people just smile and reject it! Please pray that more peoples eyes will be opened up. This Sunday worship is one of the best lies of the devil yet!

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