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In the past our church family has rented various facilities for our weekly church services. However, we have since decided to meet in “house churches”, as did the early New Testament Christian Church. This allows us to use all of our financial resources to spread the gospel and to help our Christian brothers and sisters who are in need throughout the world. We are currently working with Christian churches in Kenya and Pakistan, providing financial help in a number of areas.

I am a self-supporting pastor. I do not receive any compensation from our church family. I want our funds to be used to help others, rather than myself. We are a small group of just a few families, but we have a passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to help those in need, and to trust and obey God’s Holy Scriptures.

If you are interested in joining us for our weekly “house church” services, please email me at wbshlb@msn.com, and title your email, “Attend Church”. We are located in the Minneapolis, Mn area.

Henry Bechthold

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Henry, i must say im blessed to have read some of your articles on certain subjects ! I must say also that i am in agreement with you in most of what i have read, and where i have not quite made up my mind ive reserved judgement/discernment until i look further into and refresh on some scriptures ! What i would like to ask you and i hope you would reserve judgement until you hear me out to why im asking ! The question is are you of a denomination, or were you at some point ? If so whom or which denomination was it ? Im asking to come to an understanding to where the routes of your Biblical knowledge lays ! I will say that im not judging based on denominational background, as i myself have been involved with various denominations at some point in establishing my relationship with the Lord. Ive found that some are in the bonds of religion (man made) others pedalling the Gospel for money and the list goes on ! Im currently not associated with any denomination and have no intention of being in the future ! Glory to God my relationship was strengthened through my experiences of being in the wrong places , a little like seeing His holiness more clearly when confronted with distortions of His truth by others ! Through this i became Spirit led rather than man led, preferring to be a God pleaser than a man pleaser, not that i profess to be a great God pleaser, for which im the more greatful to Him for His Grace ! To conclude i neared discerning that you were or have been Seventh Day adventist however i didnt want to categorize you as ive also experienced that many denominations have simalarities, your emphasis on the Sabbath Day is i must confess what neared me to that idea ! however regardless of whether i agree with Seveth day Adventism as a whole or not i must say i do agree with the Biblical truths relating to the Saturday Sabbath. i hope i havent prolonged andnot offended by any means. I look forward to your response !

    Jesus is Lord

    • hank says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your comment. You certainly have not offended me in any way by asking a sincere question. I was a Seventh-Day Adventist for a number of years. However, I left that denomination in 1997 due to key doctrinal errors within their church, as well as their unbiblical exaltation of themselves as the one true “remnant church”. Furthermore, they claim to have had an end-time prophet, Ellen White, whose writings were alleged to be of equal inspiration as the Bible. All of these things caused me to part ways with Seventh-Day Adventism. However, some things they taught, such as the seventh-day Sabbath, were biblically correct, so I did not want to “throw the baby out with the bath water”, as often happens when people leave a particular church. Therefore, I have rejected Seventh-Day Adventism, but I have not rejected God’s seventh-day Sabbath, which is one of the Ten Commandments. And, although I disagree with many things taught by the Adventist denomination, I must add that there are thousands of sincere Christians within their church.

      The first attempt at denominations is found in 1st Corinthians chapter one when disciples were saying; “I am of Paul”; “I am of Apollos”; “I am of Peter/Cephas” etc. And, the Apostle Paul squelched that in a hurry. Denominations tend to exalt themselves and to teach manmade traditions. There is only one “denomination” recognized in the Bible; that is the “Body of Christ”. We are followers of Jesus Christ, not of Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Calvin, the Pope or any other alleged prophet, such as Ellen White.

      Thanks again Steve for your thoughtful comments. And, you are right; Jesus Christ is Lord indeed!

      Henry Bechthold

  2. Walter says:

    What are your thoughts on a church that agrees with you on virtually every area, but has Sunday as the Sabbath. Does this mean they are not saved? I don’t think I should leave the church because God is truely at work there. I’m just looking to get your thoughts. I didn’t see any mention in the article and I was curious (maybe I missed it). I absolutely love the site by the way, and learned a life altering lesson in your article about Hell not being eternal torment. That brings everything together for me and I thank you. I am looking into formal bible training.

    • hank says:

      Dear Brother Walter,

      Thank you for your comments, and thank you for sharing the “life altering” lesson you learned in the hell article. Obedience is important. You may have missed the part in the article when I compared obedience to God’s Sabbath commandment with obedience to any of the other commandments. I asked if it would be alright to commit adultery or idolatry on a weekly basis? And, I asked if it would be alright to attend a church that taught its members that it was ok to commit adultery or idolatry each week? I think that most people would answer “no” to these questions. And, if you would not tolerate such disobedience regarding God’s other commandments, then you should not regarding God’s Sabbath commandment either, because it is one of God’s Ten Commandments just as much as are the commandments not to commit adultery and idolatry. It is our resonsibility to obey each of God’s Ten Commandments, and not to pick and choose which ones we think are important. God Himself already made that decision when He chose which commandments to include within His Ten Commandment law.
      Henry Bechthold

  3. ann lewis says:

    what does the Bible say about jewelry? Is it a sin to wear it?

    • hank says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. The Bible does not say that wearing jewelry is a sin. However, the issue to be considered is our motivation for wearing the jewelry. Are we trying to attract attention to ourselves? The Bible states that we are to glorify God in everything we do, and it also says that we are to practice temperance (moderation/self control) in all things. Each person needs to ask themselves a few questions:
      1. Am I trying to attract attention to myself to exalt myself?
      2. How much jewelry do I need to wear?
      3. How much am I spending on jewelry, compared to what I am giving to God?
      Thanks again for your comment.
      Hank Bechthold

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