How Will Antichrist Arrive?

One of the undeniable quandaries regarding the antichrist, is how will he arrive in such a way and at such a time that will make Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims all be willing to accept this same man as their mutual leader? If he arrives as a Jew or a Christian, the other major world religions will reject him. Likewise, if he arrives as a Hindu or a Buddhist, he will be rejected by the Muslims, Christians and Jews. And, if he arrives as a Muslim, he will receive the same rejection from the other religions. How can he arrive in a manner that will make 500 million Buddhists, two billion Christians, one billion Hindus, one and one-half billion Muslims and millions of Jews all welcome him as their mutual leader? His appearance will obviously have to involve some apparently supernatural or miraculous signs in order to attain this worldwide acceptance throughout all of earth’s major world religions.

Also, what world conditions will need to be present for all of earth’s nations to accept him as the leader of one worldwide global government? There will need to be some critical and common “global problems” that require common “global solutions”.  Four of these worldwide “global problems” already exist.  Even now, we have a common, global terrorism problem; a perceived common, global-warming, climate problem; a common, global energy problem, partially related to the perceived climate problem; and we have a common, global economic crisis.  Furthermore, we are already working toward common, global solutions to these four problems, including a global shift toward governments taking ownership in banks and other business institutions throughout the world, which will lay the foundation for a global monetary system and, eventually, a worldwide cashless society.

However, it will take more than just these four causes to bring about worldwide acceptance of a one-world government under antichrist.  It will require far more urgent and desperate circumstances throughout the world, as well as the humbling of three superpowers: The United States, China and Russia.  I believe that this will be accomplished by the “fifth global cause”, which is the catastrophic, supernatural calamities accompanying the angelic blowing of the first five trumpets recorded in the book of Revelation (Revelation 8:2-13; Revelation 9:1-11).  These are divine judgments poured out on a wicked world in the final days of earth’s history.

The first trumpet brings hail and fire mingled with blood upon the earth to the extent that one-third of earth’s trees are burned up, as well as the grass.  This judgment is similar to the seventh plague poured out on Egypt in the days of Moses, which also had hail and fire mingled.  The reference to fire accompanying the hail probably indicates severe and widespread lightning that ignites the fires that burn earth’s trees and grass.  These must be ferocious storms that encompass most of the world, because one-third of earth’s foliage is destroyed.  The description of blood mingled with the hail and fire might depict the loss of life caused by the hail, lightning and winds from this incredible global storm.

The second trumpet causes a “great mountain” that is on fire to be cast down to the earth, which destroys one-third of the ships in the ocean and kills one-third of the sea creatures, while causing one-third of earth’s seas/oceans to become like blood.  This is an obvious depiction of a large asteroid, perhaps miles in diameter, which would indeed have the appearance of being a mountain on fire falling from the sky.  The bloodlike appearance of the ocean could be from discoloration caused by the asteroid or, more likely, is a graphic illustration of the blood shed by the tens of thousands of people killed when one-third of earth’s ships are destroyed combined with one-third of earth’s sea life also perishing.  It is apparent that this asteroid lands in one of earth’s great oceans, probably the Atlantic or Pacific.

The third trumpet causes a “great star” burning like a torch to fall from heaven, which results in one-third of earth’s rivers and springs of water becoming wormwood, probably meaning they’ve become exceedingly bitter, undrinkable and poisoned.  It states that this tainted water results in the death of many men.  This certainly cannot be referring to a literal, physical star that falls to earth, because it could only affect the rivers and springs where it actually fell.  To poison one-third of earth’s rivers and springs would require hundreds or thousands of stars falling throughout the world.  Therefore, this “great star” is obviously symbolic.  And, we know that the term star is used elsewhere in the book of Revelation to represent angels (Revelation 1:20; Revelation 12:4,7,9).  So, this third trumpet probably depicts a great angel coming down from heaven to turn one-third of earth’s rivers and springs into “wormwood” as another judgment upon our rebellious world.  Now, at this point, the earth has been pummeled by a global hailstorm, set on fire by the lightning from this storm, devastated from the impact of a huge asteroid, and had one-third of its fresh water sources poisoned and undrinkable.  Millions of dead bodies will be everywhere and disease will be widespread throughout the world.  Furthermore, multitudes will be dying from thirst and starvation.  It is fair to say that chaos and panic will be rampant.

Then, the fourth trumpet brings darkness to one-third of the sun, moon and stars.  This could either be a supernatural miracle of God, or the natural result of the previous trumpets.  Scientists tell us that one of the aftereffects of a major asteroid colliding with earth would be numerous earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions sending incredible volumes of ash into our atmosphere, which when combined with the smoke from fires already covering one-third of earth’s surface, would certainly result in darkness covering much of our planet, probably the equivalent of one-third, as stated in Revelation.  Whatever the cause, one-third of the world is now covered in darkness.

In the fifth trumpet (Revelation 9:1-11), the key to the bottomless pit is given to a “star” fallen from heaven.  Since literal, physical stars do not have hands to receive or use keys, it is reasonable to assume that this star is also symbolic of an angel; in this case, a “fallen” angel named Abaddon or Apollyon, as stated in Revelation 9:11 (Revelation 12:4,7,9; Revelation 9:11).  This angel uses this key to open the “bottomless pit”.  The Greek word used here is “abussos”, which literally means an abyss or bottomless pit.   As you will see, this is quite significant.

When the abussos is opened a dark smoke arises, from which comes “demonic locusts”.  Why do I call them demonic locusts?  There are several reasons.  This abussos is the place where the devil will be punished for 1000 years (Revelation 20:1-3).  It is also the place where the demons named “legion” did not want to be cast into by Jesus (Luke 8:30-31); they were obviously familiar with it.  It is also the place where the beast/antichrist of Revelation ascends from (Revelation 11:7; Revelation 17:8).  Therefore, we know that it is a place of punishment or torment for the devil and fallen angels.  It also may be the same place referred to by Peter in 2nd Peter 2:4, where angels who sinned were cast down to in “chains” of darkness.  The word Peter used in this text, which is translated as hell, is tartaros, and it is only used once in all of Scripture.  It means “deepest abyss”, which would be similar to abussos’ meaning of an abyss or pit that is bottomless.  You can’t get any deeper of an abyss than a bottomless one.  It is also noteworthy that the angels in tartaros are in chains, and the devil will likewise be in a “great chain” in the abussos (Revelation 20:1-3).

All of these things indicate that it is probably not normal “insect-locusts” that had been locked away in this abussos.  Furthermore, the antichrist who also ascends from the abussos, is certainly not a literal locust.  Moreover, the king of this army of locusts is a fallen angel named Abaddon or Apollyon.  Additionally, these locusts certainly do not look like normal locusts.  They are shaped like horses, have faces like men, gold-like crowns on their heads, hair like women’s, teeth like lions’, iron-like breastplates and tails like scorpions.  And, they sting people with their scorpion-tails causing pain so intense that men desire to die.  These are obviously some kind of supernatural locusts, and their place of origin, the abussos, is certainly within the demonic realm.  Therefore, I refer to them as demon-locusts

Revelation 9:4 stresses that these locusts of the fifth trumpet only afflict people who do not have God’s seal on their foreheads, so only the wicked.  This statement was not made concerning the first four trumpets, which could indicate that the first four trumpets affected everyone, including God’s people.  This would be similar to the plagues that God sent upon Egypt in the days of Moses, because there also some plagues affected both the Egyptians and the Israelites, and some only afflicted the Egyptians; the first three plagues affected both, but the final seven plagues affected Egyptians only.  Apparently, now, from the fifth trumpet through the seventh trumpet, only the wicked are affected. 

The chaos and panic caused by the first four trumpets will be multiplied greatly by the supernatural attack of these swarming locusts with their tormenting stings.  At this point, people would do anything to get relief from the calamities that have befallen them.  They would gladly support any government or person who could relieve their pain and offer solutions to their problems. 

The only possible remaining hindrance to antichrist’s one-world government would be if America, China or Russia was able to maintain their superpower status in spite of all of the global catastrophes brought by the judgments of the first five trumpets in Revelation.  However, because we know that the Bible says that the antichrist’s one-world government will arise; therefore, we also know that all obstacles that could stand in the way will be removed.  And, accordingly, it is likely that the poisoned waters, devastating storms and catastrophic impact of the asteroid will be strategically located so as to cripple these former superpowers, reducing them to no greater status than other nations.  If indeed this will be the case, that formerly mighty nations have been humbled, and all nations and peoples of earth are reeling in panic and chaos; then, the stage will have been set for the entrance of antichrist, and for the acceptance of his one-world government.  The question is, “how will he enter, and why will he be viewed by all people on earth as the one who has the solutions?”

Before I present a possible scenario that could cause the world to welcome him with open arms, I need to “set the stage” by reminding you that angels can impersonate human beings.  The Bible states that people have unwittingly entertained angels, thinking they were strangers in need (Hebrews 13:2).  In Genesis chapter 18, the Lord and two angels appeared to Abraham as three men.  Also, we’re told that Satan can transform himself into an “angel of light” (2nd Corinthians 11:14).  And, in 1st Samuel chapter 28, a “witch” brought up an evil spirit that appeared to be Samuel the prophet (It had to be an evil spirit because we know that witches do not have authority to make righteous dead people appear before them.).  Therefore, the Bible clearly reveals that angels can impersonate people.

I also need to point out the great increase in ”UFO” sightings in recent decades.  Informed Bible students know that civilizations from other galaxies are not visiting our wicked planet.  And, although government officials try to explain all of these sightings away to avoid mass panic and hysteria; yet, we know that there have been too many credible sightings from credible people with credible photographs in recent years for us to believe that nothing unusual or supernatural is happening.  If it’s not other civilizations visiting our planet, what is it?  A past acquaintance once commented to me that people are not seeing “UFO’s”, but rather “UFA’s”, unidentified “fallen angels”.  And, quite frankly, I think he’s right.   If this is true, why has Satan been doing this so frequently in recent decades?  What is he trying to prepare us for with all of these apparent “UFO” visitations?  Keeping this in mind, I need to share the results of a recent “Roper Poll” with you.  It was found that nearly sixty percent of Americans believe in UFO’s.  It is also noteworthy that many of today’s respected evolutionary scientists endorse the idea of panspermia; the theory that life on earth was “seeded” from outer space by a super-intelligent race. In other words, the majority of “everyday Americans” and numerous scientists believe that UFOs and super-intelligent alien life forms do exist and that they have visited our world in the past, as well as in our present time.

With all of these things in mind, I ask you to consider the following possible scenario.  At this critical and desperate point in earth’s history, following the devastating effects of the five trumpets, which have already resulted in multiplied millions of fatalities, and multitudes more beginning to die from thirst and starvation; this added to the financial collapse of national economies throughout the world and the painful torment caused by the stinging demon-locusts; at this critical moment earth’s satellites begin receiving intelligible messages from outer space.  Super-intelligent beings are telling earth’s leaders and scientists that they are aware of the crisis on earth, and that they are willing and able to help.

Because of the desperate and rapidly deteriorating conditions throughout the world, permission is given them to land on earth and to meet with world leaders.  The inhabitants of the space craft say that they will land in Rome, Italy.  Media cameras from every nation are present as the spaceship lands and opens its doors.  Then, the visitors appear and everyone is in shock.  Standing before them is one who appears to be the leader, and who identifies himself as Jesus Christ (the beast/antichrist of Revelation 13).  Beside him, stands one who appears to be second in authority; he identifies himself as the prophet Mohammed (the “False Prophet” of Revelation 13:11-15 and Revelation 16:13).  Other famous, religious holy men are also present, such as one claiming to be Moses, another claiming to be the “Supreme Buddha”, and also a revered and famous Hindu swami.  Professed Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, constituting nearly eighty percent of earth’s population, are filled with excitement and awe.  The antichrist explains that many roads lead to heaven, and that all are loved by God.  He also says that they have landed in Rome because it is the home of the Vatican and papacy, which he states is the head of the Christian Church on earth, thus endearing himself to the pope and to earth’s one billion Catholics.

The antichrist says that he understands if some are skeptical about him.  So, he offers to give proof of his power, authority and goodwill.  He raises his hand and commands the tormenting locusts to immediately vanish throughout the world; of course, they do so because they are actually demons under his command.  However, this instantaneous and undeniable miracle, which brings worldwide relief to every unsaved person, from the nagging persistent pain caused by these demon-locusts; this miracle causes universal acceptance and adoration of antichrist and his fellow demonic impersonators.

Antichrist’s “performance”, though, has only begun.  He has arranged for a couple of assassins to be among those welcoming his group to earth.  And, in the midst of the festivities, he is shot in the head several times at close range.  There is pandemonium as he is pronounced dead at the scene.  However, three days later his deadly wound is healed (Revelation 13:3), and he miraculously resurrects himself from the dead after having already been embalmed.

Following this second incredible and undeniable miracle, the “fake” Moses instructs all Jews to worship this false Christ.  Mohammed (the False Prophet) commands all Muslims to worship him as well.  And, the “Supreme Buddha” and Hindu swami follow suit, by telling all Buddhists and Hindus to also revere him.  The vast majority of the world population then demands that their leaders accept and exalt antichrist to the position of president or premier of a new worldwide government.

For a more detailed discussion of who this antichrist is and where he is from, read my article titled, “Antichrist”.

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3 Responses to How Will Antichrist Arrive?

  1. Rochelle says:

    wow! if I didn’t know any better, I would think I was reading something from the imagination of James Cameron!

    • hank says:

      Hi Rochelle,

      I hear you. Earth’s final days will be much wilder and chaotic, and more filled with supernatural events than any book or movie would ever be able to depict. However, for us as Christians, we have nothing to fear, because our Lord and Savior is with us always and will never leave us or forsake us.

      Thanks for your comment Rochelle.

      Henry Bechthold

  2. lalonzo says:

    Interesting,even plausable,however the beast that receives the deadly wound will be the one world political system,that’s what he shall fix….I do believe he(satan)shall arrive UFOly

    Just found your site,shall read up on some more of the topics

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